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April 2019’s Leadership Principle: Bravery


By Christine Sederquist
WCRL VP of Communications



I’ve never been a fan of the term “fearless leader”.  It implies that there’s something inherently wrong with feeling fear.  Some of America’s greatest moments and the actions performed by people we collectively deem heroes, involved instances where certainly, people possessed fear.

I think “brave leader” is a more appropriate choice.  Bravery is not the absence of fear.  Bravery is facing your fear full-on, standing up against it, and taking an action.

Sometimes bravery is demonstrated on a battlefield, or running in to a fire, or toward danger.  Sometimes bravery is merely stepping out of your comfort zone, knocking on a door, speaking to a stranger.

In politics, bravery is frequently demonstrated by taking a stand for what you believe in.  It takes the form of showing up to a meeting after the media has maligned your group, or it can be openly defying some in your inner circle and challenging their beliefs.

If not for the brave actions of those in politics, the United States would never evolve.  It’s taken political bravery to create The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and each of our Constitutional amendments.  Every one of those began with someone who decided to take a risk, voice their opinion, and in time, persuade others to go along.

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