The Party of Hope, Growth, and Opportunity

Eric Stratton, Williamson County, TX

It is a humbling experience to assume the office of President of Williamson County Republican Leaders, a position I have been raised up and training for the past two years, thanks to other leaders that came before me, like Past President Jim Richardson and our founder and State Republican Executive Committeeman Mike McCloskey.  They, along with other Board members and members of our organization—who are all leaders—paved the way for me and the exciting things to come this term.


We have come a long way the past six-plus years in our journey as Republican leaders.  Our mission has been to educate and raise up leaders in our party and in our community, and we have accomplished that through events like our Sun City Candidate Forum with statewide elected officials and endorsements in primary elections, the only club in Wilco to do this.  We have been unique in instituting social media campaigns to support our endorsed candidates and instrumental in creating greater awareness in local non-partisan races where conservatives have run.  Our objective has been simple:  to become a different kind of Republican club, the most innovative leaders in the Republican Party.  And we have truly made a difference from the school house to the state house in the process.


But sadly, as we saw in the 2018 general election, focusing on our Party alone just is not enough.  So now, it is time to take the next step, taking ourselves and our message that the Republican Party is the Party of hope, growth, and opportunity more fully into the communities we serve as Williamson County Republican Leaders.  And the time to do so begins now.


We must leverage our unique qualities and life experiences to build deeper relationships and share our broader message to those in our own spheres of influence.  It is this message—and the candidates that support it—that has made Wilco a great place to live, work, and play.  The message will differ from Sun City to Avery Ranch, but our principles and values as Republicans will remain the same.  This is why we must begin today talking to our neighbors about who we are.  Even more importantly, we must listen to what issues are important to them and then show them how the Republican Party has historically and can continue to address their concerns—and in respectful ways.  As Proverbs 12:18 states, “Thoughtless words cut like a sword, but the tongue of wise people brings healing.”  If we wait until after the primary to engage in these ways, to show up on our neighbors’ doorsteps or post on their Facebook timelines to share our message and vision, we have already lost the election.


We must place greater emphasis on our roles as community leaders by joining in service opportunities at places like the Round Rock Serving Center and the Cedar Park Food Bank.  We must focus our club meetings on education of issues, discuss leadership principles at our monthly meetings, and recognize that everyone—elected officials and grassroots volunteers alike—are leaders here!  At bottom, we must engage the community as Republican Leaders to show that the Republican Party is truly the party of hope, growth, and opportunity that has made Williamson County the great place it is to live, work, and play.


In conclusion, I’m excited for what the next two years will bring the Williamson County Republican Leaders.  I’m proud to be your President, and I hope you’ll be excited to see the changes our organization will make here in Williamson County!