November 2019’s Leadership Principle: Thankfulness


By Christine Sederquist
WCRL VP of Communications



For November’s leadership principle, I really wanted to tie in Thanksgiving.  There were a lot of themes I could work with: coming together with those who are different, giving to others…but I kept coming back to a quote that has always moved me from a book called Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall.  As Ron’s wife is dying of cancer, she stays positive and says “Today is a good day, I woke up”.  It becomes somewhat of a theme after that, “Why are you so happy?” “because I woke up”.

The wife in that book, even in the worst of times, in pain and in her final days…she was able to be thankful, even if it was for something as simple as waking up.

Sometimes in leadership, we lose sight of the important things.  It’s easy to forget that the actions we take and the words we say will have an effect on the lives of others.  It’s common to look at activities as just a task that needs to be completed.  But perhaps thinking about where we’ve been in our lives or what we’re grateful for can help to ground us as we make decisions that affect others.

Being thankful extends beyond leadership.  Those of us that were able to attend the November membership meeting, did so in part because we had the luxury of being able to take the night off from whatever else was going on in our lives.  We were in places with our families, work, and finances that we were able to enjoy the luxury.  We are truly blessed.

As we go into the holiday season, I hope all of us will realize each day how blessed we are and feel thankful.  Don’t let the stress of the season get to you.  Steady yourself and enjoy every thankful day you get to wake up.

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