October 2019’s Leadership Principle: Showing Up


By Christine Sederquist
WCRL VP of Communications



Our own Ann Richardson’s brother has a story he tells about talking to former Wisconsin Governor Mike Sullivan.  He one asked Sullivan what the key was to staying in office and keeping constituents happy.  The answer?  “Show up”.

It sounds simple.  But it can be taken so many different ways.  Sure, a leader needs to show up when policy is being made.  They also need to show up for regular meetings.  But how does that score with voters?  How does that endear anyone to their side?

Truth is, all of us as leaders need to show up in our communities.  We need to be present at the cookouts, the festivals, the book clubs.  We need to engage our neighbors, elected officials, co-workers.  Perhaps most importantly, we need to show up and vote.

We all saw what happened in the election last November.  It was the wake up call to remind us not to be complacent.  Nobody else is going to shop up at the polls to do our work for us.

This November, I’m hoping all of us will remember to show up, both at the polls and in our communities.

As they say, “history is made by those that show up”.

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